TIMEOUT SYDNEY interviews the ARTIST about her oncoming event at the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE, September 2nd

The artist in her studio, the FPA Archive. Photo Fabio Mantovani


1. Can you describe the artwork that you will be creating for Sydney Opera House?

I started with the idea of ​​using everyday objects, like straws, as an artistic means to represent the beautiful project the Sydney Opera House proposed to me. To design a work that was contextualized by representing Sydney Harbour was vitally important. So I referenced my series Straws and inserted a mirror element inside the work, so that the viewer can reflect and become part of the work itself.


2. How do you hope people will respond to the work that you’re creating? 

I sincerely hope the public will actively participate in the live realization of the work; step by step they will be able to see how the work is modified, recognizing in the work the place where they live and which they are part of. The sea, represented by the blue reflecting surface, and the coastline, made up of thousands of straws that the Sydney Opera House has provided to me.


3. How does it feel to know your artwork will be on display at Sydney Opera House? 

It’s a difficult experience to describe. Crossing the barrier of contemporary art and “diving” into the history of performing arts is a challenge without borders and without reference points. It’s like running free in a prairie without seeing the end, but knowing that by following the chosen route I will find different landscapes never seen. I have to thank the Sydney Opera House for this opportunity and for their engagement with my artistic work.