“The archive is recollection, memories, conservation of a value. My artistic memory is recent. I daily relive the sensation, the instinct, the suffered ineffectiveness (fruitlessness) of all of my different kind of artistic creations. My past has been influenced by many important artists, designers, creatives and it wavers every time I try to express myself through an artwork.

The memory of different artistic periods, some of creative production and others of stale superficiality, in which I tried to balance the perception of my idea of artistic expression, feeling the need of being accepted and appreciated by my own being.

The deep gap between me and the others concerning the aesthetic research.

The tangibleness of failure of many ideas and the scepticism receiving authentic, deep, impartial appreciation, almost reaching the flattery.

The conservation of my own being and my way of living the relationship with existence and daily life, deeply characterized by reading, experiencing, observing, hearing art and culture in all forms and expressions.

The will to live free, in touch with nature, surrounded by everyday routine and art.

The need of a physical approach to artistic production, in symbiosis with rural life and the practical (hands-on/active) house management.

The choice to realize a project of cultural valorisation in collaboration with people with recognized qualities, skills, experiences. A plan that starts with cataloguing and archiving my artistic work, aiming at building a memory on what is past and realized and, at the same time, increasing and consolidating the courage for the future conjugating my determination to express my self and my ideas in further different ways.

A way that I’ve decided to undertake with a close friend and esteemed expert, Ilaria Bignotti, jointly with many other people, to return bodies and souls to my future artistic path.”

Francesca Pasquali