“Francesca Pasquali Archive project comes from two main essential needs.

The first one is to catalogue Francesca Pasquali artworks. It’s not usual that a contemporary under-40 artist opens an archive. However, considering her rich, dynamic and tireless production, and her constant  experimentation, we realized that it was necessary to travel through her work again, scientifically:

–       to fully clarify her techniques and artwork typologies that often consist of installations made of millions of elements, set up and dismantled to be set up again, moved to different locations and constantly revised;

–       to provide fixed and permanent references to collectors, critics, historians, curators, journalists, writers, fashion designers, architects…. To anyone required information for books, interviews, pubblications, projects of exhibitions and art interventions;

–       to create a first project of a catalogue including her whole career up to now, stressing on the continuity and the innovation of her work.

The second one, but not less important, is to cooperate with institutions, organizations, companies and enterprises, in view of exhibitions and site-specific projects.

Given her artwork great appeal on public and her aptitude to conform with different environments and context, the art commissions received by Francesca required a team of specialists – along with me, the archive is managed by experts of marketing, fundraising, communication, technology, business and economics – to adequately meet the increasing requests we daily receive.

Engage institutions and enterprises as partners is nowadays the only way to let art carry out its educational and collective function: a function that we need other than desire.” Ilaria Bignotti, Scientific Director of Francesca Pasquali Archive #FPA